In 1976 I took my first pictures, it was my birthday and I went to the zoo. I stood behind a waterfall. The water fell over rocks that were made from fiber-glass and wire mesh. I watched as my parents disappeared. Moments later they reappeared as the flow of water from above changed course and I could once again see them.  

I always really liked playing hide and seek when I was little, I don’t know if it was the not seeing or the not being seen that I liked most. We often played outside in the garden. No one was safe until they reached home. 

What changes when you are there before my eyes is that you become unpredictable. What you are about to do is unknown to me. I follow you. You act. And with what you do, I fall in love again.
- John Berger  

I still take pictures and I still try and see. 

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